Drought Resistant Gardening

For the enthusiastic gardeners amongst us, the hosepipe ban currently affecting an ever-increasing number of regions across the South of England is more than an inconvenience it?s a potential disaster.

But do not despair. With a little thought and reorganisation, you can conserve water, minimise drought damage and still ensure you have a summer garden that?s the envy of all your neighbours!

How? It?s simple?????

1. Improve Moisture Retention in the Soil

Limit evaporation from the soil by mulching soil surfaces. This will significantly improve moisture retention. There are several different types of mulch which can be employed for this purpose:-

a. Organic Mulches

The best organic matter to use would be –

(i) Animal Manure making sure that it is well rotted.
(ii) Mushroom Compost though this should not be used on very chalky soil or acid loving plants.
(iii) Garden Compost when the texture has turned ?crumbly?.
(iv) Leaf Mould this compost will suit acid loving plants (recycling garden waste into compost makes one of the cheapest soil conditioners).
(v) Chipped Bark make sure you buy chipped bark, not chipped wood. But be careful: when dry and in a strong wind, it tends to blow about the garden!

b. Non Organic Mulches

(i) Gravel or other Aggregates excellent, long lasting inorganic mulch available in a range of colours, textures and sizes
(ii) Grass cuttings compost with other material first (never compost grass cuttings that have been freshly treated with herbicide).
(iii) Cocoa shells a good, light, porous mulch with small amounts of nutrients
(iv) Rocks, Pebbles & Glass Nuggets are a colourful, efficient alternative to all of the above.

When using an inorganic matter as mulch on the soil, first prepare the site by pegging down a porous membrane on top of the soil. The weight of the inorganic mulch will help anchor anchor the membrane and prevent the gravel or glass nuggets from becoming buried in the soil.

2. Water Butts

Place water butts in the garden in strategic spots where they can catch water from the roof of your home, garage and garden outbuildings. Water butts can be inter-linked using hosepipe to allow the maximum amount of water to be stored.

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